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Welcome - Darkness as the Abstract Reality [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
We Find Comfort in the Darkness

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Welcome [Jun. 16th, 2005|05:08 am]
We Find Comfort in the Darkness
Welcome to this Realm of Shadows and Darkness. Where there are screams in the background of your very soul crying out speak its mind, but society just loves to put you down because you're different. Well, here you can be yourself freely and surely. Rant, share experiences, or just enjoy the company.
Blessings to all,

From: sid192007
2007-06-01 11:09 pm (UTC)
Hello, I would like to talk to someone on what I am...an well my best friend has told me I might be a lycan she isnt sure could someone help me figure this out....im confused help please.
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