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Darkness as the Abstract Reality

We Find Comfort in the Darkness
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This is a place for all those Creatures of the Night to gather that live in the Indiana area or surrounding states, or if you just feel yourself an outcast from the rest of what society calls "normal" then please feel free to join as well.
This is for the Real Vampires, Therians, Witches, and the like. This is NOT a role-playing community, this for people with like-minds to gather, to speak their minds about most anything, and to be themselves outside of the society that would rather be rid of us.

What shadow_lurkers is and is NOT:

- A place to make friends.
- NOT a place to bash another's beleifs.
- To discuss experiences with spirits and/or experiences in how you live your lifestyle(s).

That is pretty much it, my friends. I'm not that strict. Just please keep an open mind while posting or considering joining this community.